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I have put my Kindle on top of my ThinkPad screen


Hi guys, today I want to show you something that I printed with my Creality ender 3 (I talk about it here in Italian) and I love it.

I needed a stand for my Kindle while I’m outside, so I can read some stuff and take notes on the laptop.

The process

The Kindle I used is the Paperwhite v2 and it fit on my ThinkPad X220 screen (so it should fit also on X230 I suppose).

It also fit my phone, a Xiaomi Note 5, it’s a bit lose but it can definitely work also as a phone stand.

First of all I took a picture of the profile of the screen than I resized it measuring the bezel.

I designed the stand with Fusion 360, sliced it with Cura, and used PLA as a filament. It’s not something fancy so I used the lowest quality (0.3mm).

File on

kindle stand thinkreader
The ThinkReader

Thingiverse links

You can find the Thingiverse link here. If you want to check the other stuff that I printed here you can find the best useful stuff that I designed and printed.

I hope you like my Kindle stand. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment here or to contact me.


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