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ThinkStand, the laptop vertical stand that saves your neck


Most people don’t realize how terrible is to sit down all day long for their health.

If then we consider that having a bad posture is very common we can’t be surprised that a big part of the society suffers from back pain and neck pain.

That’s why I designed and built this particular stand.

This is the first prototype that I manually cut with a handsaw.

Sometimes I prefer to do stuff in the ‘old school way’ since it’s easier and more environmental friendly.

If you are looking for the 3d printed version scroll down or go on Thingiverse.

I posted it on Reddit some months ago and it had an incredible success.



Desktop mode for a T440. My neck is thankful. from thinkpad


The vertical laptop revolution

Some days after that I posted my vertical stand for laptops I noticed other people that joined the vertical laptop revolution.

I’m glad that this is happening because it’s very important to keep a healthy posture while we work on our laptops.

Enjoying my T480s on a Vertical Stand from thinkpad

This Redditor didn’t have access to a 3d printed so he also hand-saw some wood for a very simple and effective ThinkPad vertical stand.

[DIY] Cut 2 pieces of wood to create a vertical ThinkPad stand from thinkpad

Another one that I really appreciated is that one, that is made with Lego.

I wanted a vertical stand but didn’t have access to a 3d printer or woodworking tools from thinkpad

3D Print the ThinkStand

The vertical stand can be 3d printed because, after the first prototype, I designed the stand for the three laptops that I have.

You can find the model on Thingiverse and if you need a custom vertical stand don’t hesitate to send me a message with the measurements so I can design it for you.


ThinkStand, the vertical stand for ThinkPad

ThinkStand V2, the vertical stand for all ThinkPad models


ThinkStand vertical stand for laptop thingiverse 1024
The Thingiverse model

I’m not the first one

When I was writing this post I discovered that I was not the first to come out with this idea.

As we know the world is big and many people can have the same idea.

I swear that I wasn’t aware of the existence of this stand and I think it’s right to give the credit to this Redditor as the first one.

Screen at eye level for desk work from thinkpad

Buy it and support my work

Since I’ve had some requests from people that doesn’t have access to a 3D printed I decided to list this stand on ebay.

You can find it here.

Write to me for custom stands

As I said if you have a different laptop and you are not able to design a stand by yourself contact me and I’ll do it for you.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any question or advice about this laptop vertical stand feel free to send me a message here.

"Thank you" – my neck from thinkpad

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