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The perfect boiled egg: it’s not just laziness


Do you have guests at home and you want to astonish them with a very simple one-pot recipy?

Everyone knows the boiled egg and this is a provocation, I know.

Nowadays we are always making very complicate meals, forgetting the environmental cost of our ingredients, using stuff that came from the other side of the world.

But what about simplifying our lives? That’s why the perfected one-pot meal is a boiled egg.

I cooked it while camping or while I was at my house: a boiled egg is good for every occasion!



For this recipe we need:

  • A row egg (be careful that is fresh not broken)
  • A pot (a small one is good)
  • A fire (we always forget how precious is fire for us, humans)


Turn on the gas, put some water, and boil the egg.

It’s a quite simple recipe but it’s very effective.

The secret for this step it’s to cook it for around 4 minutes.

Serve & Enjoy

Our meal is ready and it’s also pretty beautiful. Would you believe that it cames from a chicken ass?

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