ForkPad, a 3D printed fork for your laptop (if you are so lucky to have an express card slot)


Have you ever wondered why they put an Express Card Slot in your old laptop?

For me it was more or less like the question:

What’s the meaning of life?

I have one ThinkPad X220 that has that kind of slot and was such a pity to let it empty.

whats the meaning of express card 1024

I thought so much about this mistery but now I’m glad I did it.

We have a solution to this big question:

Or maybe people complain about you always looking at a screen…

With the ForkPad you can eat and keep doing your stuff with your laptop.



How many times it happened to you to be thirsty while working on your ThinkPad?

The DrinkPad it’s designed to fix this issue.

I didn’t upload DrinkPad on Thingiverse yet because I want to change the size and make it usable also for other glasses.


It’s so convenient to use: let’s say that you have to finish your homework and you are hungry.

Or maybe it’s 3 a.m. and you need to fix THAT bug. Why not eating some pasta?

ForkPad on Thingiverse


We all know the you use your ThinkPad in a lot of different situations.

In some of them you really would like to have toilet paper near you and the ToiletPaperPad is

It’s so easy and usefull I wonder why I have’t thought about it earlier.

ToiletPaperPad on Thingiverse

Thingiverse link

Here you can find the Thingiverse link to the ForkPad. It should be pretty easy to print it.

If you have a different kind of Express Card you can write me a comment or an email with the dimensions and I can adjust it for you.



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